Art Experiment. In the Studio
Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

Alexander Povzner usually works on his meditative installations in a quiet studio with natural light. Trained in both traditional sculpture and conceptual art, he sees himself as working at the intersection of the two oppositional approaches. For Art Experiment, Povzner will share his current project, where for the past year he has been remaking his previous works, recalling his early impressions of getting to know materials and forms. Visitors will delve into a space of meditation and contemplation, where they will find familiar objects and games from their childhood—gum wrappers, and chairs on which they stood to read a poem or sing a song—reminding audiences of the vivid imagination of youth and the places it can take us.

Each winter, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art transforms its galleries into an experimental laboratory for art. Visitors of all ages are invited to participate in hands-on experiences with artists, as well as innovative creative collaborations between peers. Since it launched in 2010, Art Experiment—the flagship initiative of Garage Education and Public Programs—has attracted over 35,000 students, parents, local residents, and Moscow visitors.

Alexander Povzner about the project “Art Experiment. In the Studio” © MCC Garage