The Space Transformer
Park of Dom Tvorchestva Peredelkino, Moscow area. Exhibition “To the Right is a White Forest”
transformation of a natural object

A place is a space of presence. A space without people and history is not a place. Peredelkino is a place that exists in two parallel dimensions: on the one hand, everyday life goes on here, on the other, poets live here. In Peredelkino, among the white forest and gravestones, “Pasternak walks slowly round and round,” two sons sleep right here at the dacha, having finished vodka and cognac, and Venus stood and still stands on the street without panties. The “Spacе Transformer” allows you to shift from one world to another, switch perception settings between daily routine and poetry. Being an observation point and a portal at the same time, this object changes the optical register and allows the viewers to move between the categories of forest and home, chaos and order, place and space.To fly between them like a bird.


red clay, engobe
48 × 28 × 28 cm