Little resistance, little pathology
Orsi Horváth — Alexander Povzner
curated by Kristina Semenova & Olga Vostertsova (Buero fuer kulturelle Uebersetzungen, Leipzig)
Kunstraum Tapir, Berlin

What makes art resistant and revolutionary is not necessarily the flexibility to address every social or political grievance and translate the headlines of the media into the language of contemporary art. According to Jacques Rancière, the resistance of art can be found in its sensory experience that is constituted in the tension between the collective and the individual, the specific and the ordinary.

The two-person exhibition, “Little resistance, little pathology” with works by Orsi Horváth and Alexander Povzner is dedicated to the subjective resistance tactics and subversive statements of the two artists that relate to both complex connections as well as everyday observations. Through their sculptures made of fragile materials—raw clay by Horváth and plaster by Povzner—the artists obtain awareness of themselves within the social and political processes.