2016 – 2017
Vadim Sidur Museum, Moscow

Suffice it to recall the canvas H. Bruskin Fundamental Lexicon, with which sales at auction, Sotheby’s began the success story of the domestic non-art. Established Bruskin matrix universal images of the Soviet was conceived by him as a visual deconstruction of totalitarianism. Today, the debate around issues of individual freedom and ideology, an integral part of who saw themselves as a critical art of the 80’s in the process of virtual communication, transformed into a series of symbolic gestures and procedures. In this context, its meaning becomes artistic method Povzner: a kind of estrangement to which he resorts, molding in plaster unexpected for this material objects, whether it’s sunglasses, flag or office water coolers; as well as his, seemingly anachronistic allegiance to the art of sculpture, involving tactile volume and commensurate with the actual human body.

The works presented at the exhibition, the author renders the typical heroes of social media and communication strategies themselves, standing over them as a program. Withdrawing them from circulation images of virtual characters and giving the material body, he makes a gesture opposite magical, but equal to him. If the legendary clay Golem (early Yiddish word meant, among other things, “a stupid, clumsy person,” “idiot”) Kabbalists created in order to revive and protect their creators in a hostile real world, the plaster Fools Povzner stuff is made for that their struggle with each other, has become a reality of our day finally came to a standstill.

Yaroslav Aleshin

Documentation video of “Fools” exhibition at The Moscow State Vadim Sidur Museum © Svetlana Baskova

View of “Fools” exhibition. Vadim Sidur Museum, Moscow. December 24, 2016 – March 5, 2017